• [1200] Chihuo I - Plan

  • 时间限制: 1000 ms 内存限制: 65535 K
  • 问题描述
  • Do you know Chihuo? It means someone likes to eat very much.
    Yeah, Tianyi is a Real Chihuo.
    As she is like almost girls, Tianyi wanna keep her figure. So she decided to do exercise.

    So here comes a problem: Tianyi wants her weight keep at sqrt(W) (Ignore Tianyi's original weight please.). And she wants to eat E times and do exercise for X times.
    But a Chihuo regards eating as the first thing. So she want to eat as more times as possible.
    E times eating will increase Tianyi sqrt(E) weight and X times exercise will reduce her sqrt(X) weight.

    Now give you the integer W, you should tell Tianyi the minimum times she may eat. (Because Zhengling won't let her eat too much.)

  • 输入
  • This problem contains several cases. Each case is an integer W (1 < W <= 2147483647).
  • 输出
  • For each time, you should output the minimum times Tianyi may eat.
  • 样例输入
  • 45
  • 样例输出
  • 80
  • 提示
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  • XadillaX
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