• [1253] Angry Leader

  • 时间限制: 1000 ms 内存限制: 65535 K
  • 问题描述
  • Now,the angry leader catchs a student.This student is going to say,but he is interrupted by the leader:"don't tell me that you are going to say'Where is XiSi'!!!"The student is frozen.
    Then the leader asks him some questions about Ningbo University of Technology.But the student only say no.The leader is so angry,he shouts"If there are N integers and another two integers A and B,could you tell me how many integers between A and B(just between (A, B))!!!"Now,everyone turns to the leader.
  • 输入
  • Input until EOF.
    First line contains an integer N(1<N<100000).
    Then next line follows N integers X(-32768<=X<=32767).Some integers may be the same.
    Last line contains two integers A and B(-32768<A<=B<32767).
  • 输出
  • How many integers between A and B(just between (A, B))!!!
  • 样例输入
  • 5
    1 2 3 4 5
    0 5
  • 样例输出
  • 4
  • 提示
  • 来源
  • Hungar
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